Rules we don't play with


Ideally 7on7

Rules we don't play with


Game start/layout/end

1)  The gym will be divided into two equal sized courts. The borders for the court will be laid out before the game begins. The borders will constitute the live playing fields. Players may only exit the live field of play to retrieve an errant ball or due to being eliminated.

2) Each team will field an equal number of players, up to 6 players per side.

3) Each team will start the game with 3 dodgeballs.

4) The game will begin on either the refs whistle, the ref yelling dodgeball or a three second countdown.

5) The game will end when one team's players have all been eliminated or the ref calls the game.


Live vs Dead balls

1) A live ball is any ball that is thrown or held by an opposing player. A ball must be thrown from inside the court boundaries to be considered live.

2) A live ball is considered dead when it is caught and controlled by an opposing player or it hits the ground, ceiling, wall or any other permanent/semi-permanent obstacle.



1) A player will be considered eliminated when one of the following scenarios occurs:

2) The player's body parts touches the opposing team's side of the court.

3) A player's thrown ball is caught by an opposing player before the ball is considered dead.

4) A player is hit with or touches a live ball and that ball is not caught by the hit player's team before becoming a dead ball. While a ball is still considered live, all players hit by that thrown ball are considered live until the ball is dead.

5) A player has the dodgeball they are holding knocked out of their hand by a live ball thrown by an opposing player.

6) A players throw hits an opponent in the head

7) A player shows unsportsmanlike conduct and is asked to leave the court by the ref.

8) A player is called eliminated by a referee.


Revived players

1) A player will be able to return to the current game when a teammate catches an opposing team's live ball.

2) Revived players will return to the court in the order of elimination (ie the first player eliminated in a round will be the first player revived by a catch unless that player is unable to play due to injury, at which point the next player eliminated will enter the game)

3) A revived player is not considered live until they have stepped onto the playing court.