Summer 2022 - Kickball





I apologize for the gendered nature of these videos. They are chosen for their explanation of the rules before we meet.
These videos are for a general understanding of the game & rules. We are not sticking to these rules 100%

Basic Rules

In-depth Rules

Summer 2022- Kickball Rules

Rules that are specific to this league. Newer or rules that have been clarified are in bold and blue.

Safety & Accessibility

  • All players must wear closed-toed shoes

  • Metal cleats/spikes are NOT allowed. Plastic cleats/spikes are welcome, but optional.

    • A pair of sturdy, well fitted athletic/running shoes are encouraged.

  • Anyone can opt to throw or volleyball serve instead of kicking

  • Anyone can choose to walk instead of run

  • Anyone can get someone else from their team to run for them (called a pinch runner)

Basic Gameplay

  • Everyone kicks in every inning

  • Kick until you kick a fair ball. No strikeouts

  • Kickers kick in order of their numbers

  • All runners are safe on caught fly balls, but must stay on or return to their original base

  • Runners cannot leave a base when the pitcher has the ball in their hands and is near the pitcher's mound.

  • No stealing bases (defined as running when the pitcher has ended play).

  • No leading off bases. You must be touching your base until the ball is kicked.

  • No tag outs. The only way to get someone out is to have someone holding the ball with a foot on the base before they get there, or to catch a kick in the air.

  • No throwing the ball at people to get them out.

  • No sliding (accidents are okay. This is meant for intentional sliding).

  • If you are going to try and catch the ball, you must call “I’ve got it” loudly and proudly.

  • No matter what team the Catcher is on, they must try their best to help the Fielding team.

  • Runners only have to cross the SAFETY LINE at home plate in order to be considered safe. Fielders must touch the plate while holding the ball, before the runner arrives for the runner to be considered out.

  • Innings end and no further runners can score when the pitcher has the ball in hand and is standing on home plate, after the last kicker has kicked.

Advanced Gameplay

  • Runners who were already running to the next base when the pitcher has the ball can keep running to the next base, but the pitcher can throw the ball to that base and still get them out.

    • Example: Jon is running from 1st to 2nd when Hannah, the pitcher, has the ball in hand. Jon can choose to go back to 1st and be safe, or keep running to 2nd. If Jon keeps running to 2nd, Hannah can throw the ball to the person playing 2nd base and if they have the ball in their hands, touching the base before Jon gets there, Jon is out. If there is anyone else on base and Hannah throws the ball to someone else or leaves the pitcher's mound area, they can also keep running.

  • The running lanes are the direct line between two bases where runners need a clear path to get to the next base. Please be mindful of this. If you are playing a base and trying to get an out, you should be standing on the INSIDE CORNER of the base (the one pointing to the pitcher's mound).

Any disputes will be resolved by the two teams’ captains having a discussion.
Their decision is final.