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About Windsor Rainbow Sports Club 

Windsor Rainbow Sports Club is  a mild-competitive, social sports club for the 2SLGBTQ2IA+ and ally community of Windsor-Essex County. We welcome all, regardless of skill level, and focus on safety, inclusion, fun, and social aspects of sport. We are an ALL-GENDER club and all of our activities are inclusive of all genders. 

We have no gendered rules.

We are committed to accessibility and are open to creative, adaptive rules that allow individuals to play, where they would be unable to elsewhere. We also do our best to ensure games are located centrally, and on bus routes. We start every season with a skills & rules session to make sure everyone's on the same page, and has a chance to practice the necessary skills for that sport. 

Our Vision

We are building our league's success on the foundation of collective agreement and group decision making. Annually we release a logistics survey to our members and let them tell us what they want, when they want it, and for how long. This ensures variety of sport, along with greater sport-dependent accessibility. We strive for a league where all feel welcome, safe, included, and respected.

Our Mission

To create a social environment, focused around sport for the Windsor-Essex 2SLGBTQ2IA+ and ally community with an emphasis on fun, safety, and inclusion. 

To strive for low cost registration for greater accessibility.

To create an organization where all voices are given weight and space.