Spirit of the Club

The Spirit of the Club are the guiding principles of how our members strive to participate in club activities. WRSC is a space for individuals of all walks of life and ability levels to engage in sporting fun, make new friends, and participate in their community. By maintaining the Spirit of the Club, we are preserving the integrity of the space we have created.

These can best be described by the 7 tenents of the Spirit of the Club.

The 7 Tenents of the Spirit of the Club:

  1. To try your best and compete at whatever level you are comfortable.

  2. To play by the rules.

  3. To ask for and respect consent.

  4. To create a low-competitive environment, where overly competitive behaviour is discouraged.

  5. To create a team environment where members do their part to ensure that everyone on the team gets a fair chance to participate, regardless of skill level.

  6. To respect and steward the space we occupy.

  7. To respect all individuals.

Every season, we like to honour one player who exemplified these tenents the most.

It is the only award given out at WRSC:

The Golden Water Bottle